About Us

Strike Zone Training Center is a full service training and development center focused primarily on baseball and softball.  Our one-of-a-kind indoor training facility offers an indoor grass infield similar to many top notch college facilities and even some professional venues.  Our 1 3/4" grass turf is great to teach fielding skills as well as full defense work.

Additionally, our facility has 3 additional dedicated batting cages, featuring close to 20' high ceiling nets - nothing like it in Fort Wayne or the surrounding area.  Perfect for baseball and fast pitch softball but also makes for a great winter practice opportunity for slow pitch softball.

Not only is there dedicated pitching lanes for all ages, there is a special pitching area for fast pitch work.  All of our pitching areas have the best mounds and conditions for productive fall and winter work outs. 

The facility has a strength and conditioning area where players can focus on power and agility.  Great for strengthening, but also features a perfect area for band work.

Strike Zone Training Center has been around for a long time, but never has it been so focused on the training and development of players in and around our community.  Our state of the art facility and training tools are a great match for whatever level you are in. 

Don't have your own instructor? No worries, our facility offers fantastic private instruction ranging from pitching, hitting and defense.  Want to learn more about teaching the skills of the games to your players - call and ask about our special camps and clinics.

To learn more about Strike Zone Training Center, our developmental programs or lessons, visit www.strikezonetraining.net