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The Diamond Directors Training System  


Diamond Directors provides a comprehensive training system that takes players through a step by step development process. With training tools derived from the AT-BATS(tm) Methodology created and developed by C.J. Stewart, players have a continuous platform for development that includes individual, group and offsite training via video evaluation and video downloads.  


Scheduling Note: Our system is not compatible with iPad software. Please use a desktop/laptop to schedule. The system is compatible with most iPhone and Droid smartphones. 


  • New Clients Start w/ the Hitting Lab Assessment: If you would like to become a Diamond Directors client, your first step is to schedule an assessment.
  • Diamond Skill Build Classes: This option is found under the Programs link.
  • AT-BATS Academy: This is an invitation, members only Academy. Pleae do not select services designated for AT-BATS Academy Members if you are not a member.
  • 3K Swing Club Classes will return in the fall. 


A Note From CJ: I have built a reputation of being one of the country's top Player Development Professionals. I am not a Professional because I am a former Professional Baseball Player. However, I am a Professional because I have a proven methodology that I've created and developed to help my clients achieve their goals in baseball. As you search for a Professional Instructor, read my blog on

5 Things Your Professional Instructor Must Have.


Diamond Directors Waiver of Liability

I understand that in sports training, there is always a risk of permanent or partial injury and/or disability. I hereby waive and release DIAMOND DIRECTORS ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT, DBA DIAMOND DIRECTORS , its sponsors, affiliates, instructors and all participants directing their programs (for the purpose of this agreement collectively called DIAMOND DIRECTORS), from any liability or injuries the Athlete might incur while participating in these programs, or traveling to or from training sessions. I certify by my signature below, that I know of no mental or physical problems that might affect the Athlete’s ability to safely participate in the programs offered by DIAMOND DIRECTORS and I further agree to be solely responsible for any medical or related expenses arising from the Athlete’s participation and/or attendance in the programs offered by DIAMOND DIRECTORS. I hereby authorize the instructors and/or management of DIAMOND DIRECTORS to act for me, in my absence, according to their best judgment, in any emergency requiring medical attention.
I understand and agree that DIAMOND DIRECTORS will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal property sustained during the Athlete’s attendance at any of its training programs and/or events.

I give my irrevocable consent to allow DIAMOND DIRECTORS to use Athlete’s likeness, in video, photograph and sound, for promotional and instructional activities associated with DIAMOND DIRECTORS. I acknowledge that all materials are the property of DIAMOND DIRECTORS and shall be made available to me at the discretion of DIAMOND DIRECTORS.

* Lessons are non-refundable
* Lessons must be rescheduled within 24 hours to avoid losing lesson. Diamond Directors reserves the same right to reschedule lessons within 24 hours
* Lessons must be completed within 30 days of lesson. This includes rescheduling.